Waves Domains
Let’s acquire your name in Waves ecosystem
How you can use it
Don’t miss your chance for high-value NFTs!
Own your NFT .WAVES name
Get your name in the form of a personal NFT as a proof of ownership by winning a Vickrey auction.
How it works
Waves protocol
At the core of WNS, there is a blockchain protocol with a multi-signature root registrar making the service secure and censorship-resistant.
NFT Names
Each name is an NFT that can be viewed in the wallet, sold or transferred to another user. Whoever owns the NFT is the owner of the name.
Name Owner
The owner can transfer, sell, bind a name it to anything, change its parameters, create child names and distribute them among other users.
Advanced features
Names can be used by companies and projects for loyalty programs or exclusive access to their services benefitting marketing campaigns in many ways.
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